When will Clubhouse come to Android?

Clubhouse has been all the rage in tech circles, with big names like Bill Gates and Elon Musk using the drop-in audio chat to offer insights. But when is Clubhouse coming to Android? You might not have to wait long — as 9to5Google reports, a release date for the Android app might be just around the corner.

Morgan Evetts has learned that Clubhouse developer Mopewa Ogundipe and her colleagues have been working on the Android app for “around six weeks,” and that it’s tentatively due for release in May. We wouldn’t be surprised if the timing slipped due to the hiccups that often occur in development, but you might only have to wait a few weeks to give this a try.

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Clubhouse cofounder Paul Davidson had previously hinted that an Android app was just a matter of time.  He considered it a high priority, and saw it as key to expanding the chat platform’s reach worldwide.

The platform’s invitation-based, iPhone-only limitation has added to its cachet, particularly in Silicon Valley’s startup culture. There’s little doubt that an Android version of Clubhouse is virtually necessary, though. Android is usually the dominant mobile operating system outside of North America, and many people can’t justify iPhone-level premium pricing. A release for Google-powered devices could make the app far more accessible and elevate it beyond its current niche status.