Louie Gohmert Just May Have Implicated Himself In The Capitol Attack


Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) was either lying or needs to be talked to by the FBI after he claimed that Capitol Police told him to expect leftists in MAGA gear on 1/6.


Rep. Gohmert said, “January fifth, that evening I was talking to Capitol Police officers, and I said you know, let’s face it, most of the conservatives they come. They don’t have any intention of being violent, and they said well, we’ve been briefed that there’s a good bit of online activity that there are people who are going to be coming that hate Trump, but they’re going to dress up in red MAGA Trump paraphernalia to try to blame him and create trouble.”


Out of the hundreds of arrests in connection with the Capitol attack, not a single one has been a leftist disguised in Trump gear.

The FBI needs to have a talk with Gohmert because he was either lying, or he knew about the attack on the Capitol before it happened.

Gohmert’s comments suggest that he may have known something in advance and he is trying to blame the left for what Trump supporters did.

Either way, the FBI needs to knock on his door.

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