Joe Manchin Flips And Is Now Open To Supporting Key Voting Rights Provisions


Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) has indicated to his fellow Democrats that he is open to supporting several key provisions of the For The People Act.

CNN reported:

On Wednesday, Manchin left open the option that he could support a modified bill after previously opposing the drafted legislation. He said he’s open to backing several of the provisions in the so-called For the People Act, including declaring Election Day a public holiday, expanding early voting to at least 15 consecutive days, and banning partisan gerrymandering.

But in return for his crucial support, Manchin wants to require identification to vote, which many progressives view as discriminatory toward racial minorities but which Republicans see as essential to deterring potential voter fraud. Manchin, too, has tried to woo Republicans to back a compromise effort, holding a Monday teleconference call with several GOP senators even though the prospects of winning 60 votes in the 50-50 Senate are extremely dire.


Joe Manchin has indicated on numerous occasions that he is supportive of voting rights. The progressive pressure campaign has done nothing to move the West Virginia senator, but what is working is Chuck Schumer’s effort to show Manchin that Republicans won’t cooperate, and the lobbying of Manchin’s fellow Democratic Senators.

Beyond a show of unity, it is important for Senate Democrats to get to 50 votes because that could open the door to the passage of a filibuster exemption for voting rights bills or ignoring the reconciliation rules entirely and passing a voting rights bill with 50 votes plus Vice President Harris.

Manchin’s support means that with a little creativity, Democrats could stop the Republican election-rigging campaign dead in its tracks.

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