Boris Johnson on His Meeting With Joe Biden: “It’s a Breath of Fresh Air”


Donald Trump was incapable of performing nearly all his duties as president. Never were his shortcomings more obvious, however, then when he was on the global stage.

The 45th president regularly embarrassed himself at events like the G-7 Summit. His lack of polish and brusque way of negotiating made him stick out like a sore thumb. At the 2019 event, a viral video emerged of multiple world leaders mocking Trump.

This week, Joe Biden is embarking on one of his first major foreign trips. On
Thursday he met with Boris Johnson. In speaking to the press, the Prime Minister made it known that he’s happy things are getting back to normal.

Johnson noted that himself and Biden have. “so much they want to do together. The talks were great, they went on for a long time, we covered a huge range of subjects.”


The Prime Minister continued, “It’s wonderful to listen to the Biden administration and to Joe Biden, because there’s so much they want to do together with us, from security, NATO, to climate change. And it’s fantastic, it’s a breath of fresh air.”

When he was president, Trump constantly talked about bringing America back to respectability on the global stage. The truth was, however, that Trump was nearly as unpopular globally as he was in the United States. A recent poll showed that the country’s approval is up significantly. And Johnson’s remarks about Biden are a good indicator of why that is.

Todd Neikirk is a New Jersey based politics and technology writer. His work has been featured in, and He enjoys sports, politics, comic books and spending time at the shore with his family.