Biden Says He Will Let Putin and China Know “That Europe and the United States Are Tight”


As President Joe Biden embarked on his first overseas trip since taking office, he told reporters that his trip, which will include a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, will serve as an opportunity to let Putin and China know “that Europe and the United States are tight and the G-7 is going to move.”

Asked whether he will address and come to understanding with Putin over the subject of Russian cyberattacks, Biden responded, “Who knows? We know it’ll be a subject of our discussion.”

Biden also added that he will announce a global vaccine strategy. “I have one and I’ll be announcing it,” he said.


During yesterday’s press conference, Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, previewed the president’s trip.

“He’s been getting ready for 50 years. He has been on the world stage. He’s known a number of these leaders for decades, including President Putin, and including a number of the leaders he’ll see at NATO and he’ll see at the G-7. Now, this is an important opportunity for him to see them in person, and there’s nothing like face-to-face engagement in diplomacy,” she said.

In an op-ed published in The Washington Post on Sunday, Biden said his trip “is about realizing America’s renewed commitment to our allies and partners, and demonstrating the capacity of democracies to both meet the challenges and deter the threats of this new age.”

Whether it is ending the covid-19 pandemic everywhere, meeting the demands of an accelerating climate crisis, or confronting the harmful activities of the governments of China and Russia, the United States must lead the world from a position of strength,” he wrote. “… And, as America’s economic recovery helps to propel the global economy, we will be stronger and more capable when we are flanked by nations that share our values and our vision for the future — by other democracies.”

Alan is a writer, editor, and news junkie based in New York.